Welcome to Our Website!

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Hi! We’re a team of passionate young people from the San Francisco Bay Area. We care deeply about youth mental health, and have spent the last few years learning how to be better mental health and suicide prevention advocates in our community. Our initiative is entirely youth-led, although we are fortunate to receive support from the Stanford Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing.

We launched Youth United for Responsible Media Representation because we’ve experienced suicide loss firsthand and we know that the media can play a big role in reducing stigma and spreading hope. Unfortunately, many media portrayals are unrealistic, sensationalized, and damaging to people with mental health conditions.

We hope to start a conversation between young people and the media in order to educate people about the impacts of media representation and encourage more responsible portrayals of mental health and suicide. Right now, we’re hoping to launch a letter-writing campaign and a series of youth-led educational workshops.

You can follow our progress on instagram at @responsiblemediaforyouth or by checking this website regularly. We are so excited to start this journey!

Questions? Email responsiblemediaforyouth@gmail.com

Chloe Sorensen