Introducing allcove!

allcove will finally allow for youth ages 12-25 to have a one-stop shop for all their mental health needs. I’m excited because this has always been a need for our community, and it’s exciting to see that steps are being taken not only in preventative mental health care but in reducing the stigma surrounding the topic of mental illness.
— Derek Zhou

The Youth United team is very excited to announce the launch of allcove, a network of standalone, integrated youth mental health centers being launched in Santa Clara County this year.

The first of its kind in the United States, allcove centers will provide space for young people ages 12-25 to take a pause from their daily lives and access a range of professional support services and care.

Why are we so excited about this project? Well, the entire Youth United team serves on allcove’s Youth Advisory Group (YAG), through the Stanford Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing. allcove centers are unique in that they are designed with, by, and for the young people they serve: through a participatory design process, every detail of allcove was designed with youth feedback.

The first center is slated to open in San Jose by the end of 2019: once open, young people in the community will be able to visit allcove and access mental health counseling services, physical health care, substance use counseling, as well as education and career services. They can also receive direct referrals and linkages to a range of services including early psychosis, housing, and other intensive treatment options.

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Danny Howell, 19

“to me, allcove represents our community’s commitment to care. As a resource for youth, allcove is both a stride toward more proactive preventive care and ensuring that youth get the care that they deserve as soon as they need it.”

allcove is unique because it’s a space where young people can take a moment to pause from the stress of daily life and reflect on what they need to maintain their wellness. Youth United founder Chloe Sorensen wrote that “the allcove centers are a culmination of many years of hard work by Dr. Steven Adelsheim and the Stanford Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing, their community partners, and youth advisors. It’s exciting to see that something I’ve dreamed of for many years is finally becoming a reality in our community–young people will finally be able to access the mental health services they need and deserve.”

Below, you can watch a video of a few of allcove’s youth advisors (including many Youth United team members!) talking about what allcove means to them. You can learn more about allcove and its mission at!