Youth United at YTH Live!

Earlier this week, the Youth United team conducted a 75-minute interactive learning session about mindful media at YTH (Youth Tech Health) Live in San Francisco! YTH Live is a two-day conference showcasing the brightest minds and cutting edge research in topics ranging from sexual and reproductive health to mental health and digital rights.

Throughout the day we had the chance to learn from other leaders in the tech+health landscape and talk about our initiative with other youth activists. In the afternoon, about 50-60 people attended our session, which was titled “Mindful Media: Engaging journalists, producers, and social media partners in safe, responsible media portrayals.” Since the session was 75 minutes long, we were able to speak in-depth about our personal experiences as well as the research literature. We showcased our short film featuring other youth from the Bay Area, and had a discussion with the audience about 13 Reasons Why and other portrayals of suicide and mental illness in the media.

Here are our takeaways…



"This eye-opening experience was rich in networking opportunities and the ability to share our message with a diverse audience. YTH was one of the first occasions on which the Youth United team spoke to a non-youth audience filled with journalists, policy makers, social workers, and other peers in this field. In this space, much was discussed about the representation of more male voice in our endeavors and the detail at which we must go to share statistics and stories of misreporting and positive reporting on suicide."


“YTH was incredibly inspiring. Not only did I learn about incredibly interesting studies and findings about social groups everywhere, but I was able to understand the methodology in how they were able to make such cool discoveries. During our presentation, we were fortunate enough to have an engaged audience that got involved in open discussions about not only mental health in the media but also issues related to sexualization and gun violence.”



“For me, YTH was the perfect opportunity to showcase everything we’ve been working on for the last five months. When I started Youth United, I wasn’t sure that other people would be interested in the message. This was our first presentation to a large audience, and I was pleasantly surprised by how engaged the audience was. They contributed thoughtfully and we made a lot of great connections with people who are interested in supporting our work!”

Were you at YTH Live? Let us know what you thought about our presentation!

Chloe Sorensen