How do you practice self-care?

May is mental health awareness month, and we here at Youth United are excited to announce a new blog series: question of the month! Each month, members of the Youth United team will be reflecting and writing about different aspects of their mental health. If you have a suggestion for a question you’d like to see answered, or if you’d like to submit a response to our question of the month, hit us up!



Chloe, 20

Recently, I’ve been practicing self-care by planning myself mini-escapes on the weekends. I’m fortunate to have easy access to nature, and recently I’ve been taking advantage of it by driving up the coast to Pacifica with my dog Emmit. We’ve been exploring trails, visiting beaches, and enjoying the warmer weather.


Danny, 19

Over the past week I’ve been trying to go on walks and watching the sunset in the evening. Taking some time in the evening for myself helps me reflect and feel a bit more calm.


Derek, 18

I practice self care when I know I need to take a mental break from things that are stressing me out. For me, this means hanging out with my friends, doodling, or just chilling out with some boba. I enjoy activities that allow me to be more mindful.


Ellie, 17

I practice self care by spending time with friends and also spending quality time alone as well. Hanging out in my room alone and listening to music or drawing is really an important time for me to self reflect and take care of my mental health.


Lia, 18

I practice self care by being aware when I am overwhelmed and ensuring I make time to sleep or clear my mind. I also make sure I eat healthy and stretch to feel better about my body and therefore my mind.


Nura, 17

This week I am practicing self care by taking an extra effort to be more reflective in morning mediations. I usually spend up to 10 minutes after waking up doing mindfulness but this week I am making an effort to have a more calm and collected thought process as I go through the practice. It helps me find my center.


Zoe, 18

I practice self care by spending time with people I love doing things I love! This week, I’m going to make an effort to take breaks from the work I have to do and go out for food or go hot tubbing with my friends.

The Youth United Team